About Me

Hi there!

My name is Clara, I’m 27 years old and originally from a small town in Germany. I now work as a personal trainer in London.

I first moved to London in 2009 and the city has become my home over the years. Since then, I’ve graduated with a Master’s Degree in Theory and History of International Relations from the London School of Economics (LSE), started a career in communications and lived in New Delhi, Brussels and Cork for a few months.

So why personal training?

Well, first of all, I’ve always been obsessed with sports – I cycle, run, play table tennis and snowboard. My two biggest passions, however, have always been horse riding and, of course, fitness.

After a few years in the communications sector, I realised that this was not the right career path for me. I needed a more active job, a job where I could directly engage with people on a daily basis and make a real difference to their lives.

Becoming a Personal Trainer was therefore a natural step for me. I wanted to learn more about health and fitness, share my knowledge of fitness and help others on their fitness journey.

Next to Personal Training, I’ve also decided to pursue my other passion, horse riding, as a career. I’ve worked as a horse riding instructor at Stag Lodge Stables in London and I’m currently working towards my British Horse Society Assistant Instructor (BHSAI) qualification.

In the long term, I want to combine my two passions and work as a Freelance Personal Trainer and Horse Riding Instructor in London.

Changing my career has been the best decision of my life – I absolutely love what I do!

My fitness journey

I first started going to the gym with a friend when I was 15 years old – needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing and it’s taken me a while to get where I am now – and I’m still learning!

During my first few years in the gym I did what you might call the ‘typical’ things someone new to fitness might do: lots of resistance machines, lots of abs, a bit of cardio. I didn’t set myself any goals, didn’t care about nutrition and just went to the gym to keep fit (which is, in any case, a good reason!)

At university, then, I started going to the gym with two friends of mine and they introduced me to weight and strength training, which is still my favourite way to train! This was also when I started setting myself real fitness goals and adjusted my nutrition and eating habits.

A few years ago, however, I hit a plateau – I wasn’t lacking motivation and still went to the gym as before, but I didn’t progress. So I got a personal trainer to help me get back on track, switch up my routine and challenge myself again. It was super inspiring and showed me the real benefits of training with a PT. This was in fact one of my reasons for becoming a PT myself – I know firsthand what an amazing impact a PT can have on your life! As a PT, it is my aim to have the same positive impact on other people’s lives.

The latest addition to my fitness routine is running, which I started during lockdown. I’m now planning to run a half-marathon in 2021 and, as I am a keen cyclist, I’m thinking of signing up for a mini-triathlon, too.

And then there is my other passion …

Next to sports and fitness, reading has always been my favourite thing to do – whether that’s history, which I studied as a degree, or, mainly, fiction.

If you’re interested in literature, check out my other blog Women Writers in Review, where I discuss books written by women.

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