My Approach & Philosophy

My approach – how can I help you?

I specialise in sustainable weight loss, strength training and muscle building as well as equestrian fitness. I help people achieve their fitness goals (whilst having fun!) and want to inspire a long-term love and passion for fitness in them. But it’s not only that – I make it my mission to help people create sustainable fitness habits that they can rely on in the long term.

The first step is always listening to and understanding my clients’ goals, lifestyles and capabilities. After establishing those during an initial consultation, I develop personalised training plans that are tailored to the client’s goals and background. I am always available for feedback, questions and I regularly review training plans and goals with clients to make sure they continue to work for them.

Drawing on my academic background, my motto is ‘no brain, no gain’. An important part for me, therefore, is to share my knowledge – whether that’s fitness and nutrition knowledge or lifestyle-related tips. I want to give people the necessary tools so that they can in the long term confidently continue their fitness journey on their own.

In my sessions – obviously depending on the client’s goals – I use a combination of weight training and body weight exercises and incorporate a variety of different training systems. I believe in going back to the basics, using proven and tested methods and exercises to build a sound fitness programme and build a strong fitness foundation. You can expect an exercise programme that focuses on muscular balance (working all muscle groups), practises basic movement patterns and includes the various different components of fitness. Depending on the client’s background and fitness levels, I introduce a slow progression to make sure fitness levels continuously improve.

While focusing on the basics, at least in the beginning, is key to building a long-term foundation, I do love switching it up for my clients during sessions and include things like kettlebells, TRX suspension training, pad workouts or circuits.

I am flexible, committed, punctual and available outside of sessions, too – basically, I view my clients’ training as if it was my own and always give it 100%.

My philosophy – what does fitness mean to me?

Fitness, for me, is about several things:

  • Having fun – enjoying what you do is so important;
  • Challenging yourself – it’s great to find out what you’re capable of;
  • Balance – fitness can help balance out the rest of your life, such as work, and help you regain energy and motivation;
  • Focus – being focused on your goals, shutting out everything else during a workout and giving it your everything is the most amazing feeling;
  • Consistency, discipline and habits – when it comes down to it, fitness, like many things in life, is about being consistent and disciplined to create habits that are sustainable in the long term;
  • Confidence – fitness, and seeing what you can achieve, is an amazing confidence-booster;
  • Mental health – fitness, or exercise in general, is as much about being mentally fit as it is about being physically fit.

What can I help with?

  • General fitness – I can help you train in a way that ensures you stay fit and that improves the overall quality of your life;
  • Weight loss and nutrition tips – let me clarify the many myths surrounding weight loss and nutrition and help you create a sustainable weight loss and nutrition routine that works for you;
  • Muscle building – I can help you build muscle and ‘tone up’; weight training is the way to go (no, it will not make you bulky if that’s not what you want);
  • Strength training – my favourite way to train! It will not only make you stronger but also improve your health and overall quality of life (just think how much easier it will be to, say, carry your shopping bags or lift your suitcase). I would love to help you take the first step towards strength training and inspire a long-term love for it;
  • Cardiovascular fitness – cardio can be fun, I promise! I can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness or train for a competition;
  • Goal setting and motivation – it can be hard to set yourself goals and maintain motivation; as the queen of discipline I can help you find a routine that matches your goals and creates long-term habits;
  • Programme design – I can help you put together an effective, balanced workout plan which is tailored towards your goals and lifestyle;
  • Equestrian fitness – this is all about balance and stability, flexibility and mobility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance as well as core strength. Working on those things will greatly improve your riding (it did for me!) and I would love to help you get there!

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact me today for a free consultation and taster session.

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